Crossy Road – App Review

Let’s skip the fluff. Crossy Road is a re-make of the Konami 1981 arcade game, Frogger, except instead of playing as a frog, you get to chose your avatar from a wide array of pixelated animals, memes, and pop culture icons.

Here is a screenshot of Frogger.
The tiny green dot (middle left) looks like a spider, but is actually a frog.

Here is a screenshot of Crossy Road.

The game is a play on the joke “Why did the chicken cross the road?” and the player must tap carefully to hop forward, street by street. Trees, cars, and some random grey shit, are obstacles which you have to avoid by swiping left or right. Other obstacles such as rivers, cars, and trains cause immediate death if touched, and a pixelated pancake version of your character will appear after you’ve been “run over”.

flat chicken with feathers flying behind where it used to be

If you idle too long by the edge of the road, and the bottom of the moving screen catches you, an eagle will swoop down and eat you. This will probably be the most frustrating obstacle for beginners who like to think before they jump.

The eagle is coming!!!!

And let’s not forget the Flappy Bird debacle. Almost every arcade style phone game made after Flappy Bird was named “_action verb_-y something” to catch the attention of phone gamers everywhere. But props to the creators for making the game more interesting by adding incentives and quests that will unlock new characters and change the game-play up a bit. The quests range from easy (scaring birds as you hop past them), to difficult (hopping 300+ times, or hopping on 10 logs across a river). Completion of the quests result in rewards in the form of coins.

6s on the train track? Pshhh no problem. I’ll just wait here until I die.

A free gift option (35 coins – and up) will pop up every 5 hours, and watching an ad will earn you 20 coins, once a day. 100 coins unlocks one new Crossy Road character,

Free monies!!

and if you’re too lazy to earn coins, you can purchase any character you like for only $0.99.

op-op-op-oppa gangnam style!!

eeeyyyyy sexy ladyyyyyy..op-op-op

 or leave it up to chance and deposit 100 hard earned coins into the gacha machine which will spit out a random character. Some special characters, like Psy (shown above), can only be purchased, which is understandable. If you want your premium pop culture icon character, you’re gonna have to pay for it.

The gacha machine

Other Crossy Road animals you can purchase and/or receive from the gacha machine.

There are at least 104 characters as of this writing, and with every update, they will add more. The most annoying part of this is that the gacha will spit out repeat characters. So you could spend 300 coins and get still not get a new character! That is my only complaint with this game so far.

Overall, the game play is simple, easy to understand, and is great for all ages. The graphics are adorable and really well done. The game does not give off that greedy vibe most other phone games do; there isn’t an add screaming at you to buy the “premium version” of the app and the creators seem very generous with giving out characters.

Sidenote: This game is also coming to Apple TV in a co-op mode!! This version allows players to work together — or against each other. As long as one player is still alive, the second player can join back in. In addition players can push each other out of the way — or into oncoming traffic. Crossy Road for the Apple TV will be available when the updated Apple TV launches later this year.

Stay tuned for more updates on other apps and games!


Crazy Stupid Love – Tune of the Week

My Crazy Girlfriend – Crazy Stupid Love

Artist: My Crazy Girlfriend

Featured song: Crazy Stupid Love

Album: Crazy Stupid Love

About: My Crazy Girlfriend is an American pop and hip hop band from Los Angeles, California. My Crazy Girlfriend was formed in 2012 by Myah Marie, Bennett Armstrong, Justyn Armstrong, and Cosmo, all of whom had music careers prior to forming the group. You can check more songs by them here, and purchase their music here!


3D Illustrations Incorporating Everyday Objects

Artist: Victor Nunez

Illustrator Victor Nunes is super awesome at creating illustrations from common objects like pencil caps, pieces of popcorn, hair brushes, and rubberbands. He has, literally, thousands of these posted in no particular order on his Facebook page.
Enjoy a sample of his works here!














































The Obashot Trend- A New Popular Posture for Photoshoots in Japan

There is a wierd Japanese trend going on around twitter called “Obashot”. Obashot (pronounced Obaa-shot) is the posture in which comedian, Ariyoshi Hiroiki, started. “Oba” is short for “Obasan”(Obaa-san), which means middle-aged lady in Japanese.

Obasans usually pose a certain way in photos and Ariyoshi started to mimic their postures when he was having his photo taken. Now, the “Obashot” is becoming popular among young people on twitter.

Here are some hilarious “Obashots”!







Here is a link to more people posing like “Obaa-sans!”
#Obashot #オバショット

Enjoy! <3

Tune of the Week

*Warning: This video is slightly NSFW

Die Antwood – Ugly Boy

Artist: Die Antwoord

Featured song: Ugly Boy

Album: Donker Mag

Genre: Electronic, Hip-hop, grime

About: Die Antwoord is a South African rap-rave group formed in Cape Town in 2008. They are fronted by rappers Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er and backed by DJ Hi-Tek. Die Antwoord is known for their cult following, in particular the unusually prolific creation of fan art by their followers. Their music can be purchased here.


Hilariously Clever & Creative Graffiti

I don’t normally condone vandalism, but here are 20 photographs of graffiti done by vandals with a great sense of humor.

Sidewalk humor

Your everyday bus advert

Family photo

Barfing milk


Another bus advert

Park sign humor

How to math

Awesome stop sign


Food hog

CPR manual

Road sign tetris

Conversations between security cameras

Ninja toilet seat protectors

Dat afro


Free advertising space!

And last but not least, the NSFWs


Happy Sunday!


Starbucks Delivery is Coming Soon(in 2015)!

Remember that potentially game-changing, order-ahead app Starbucks has in the works? Well, it just got a whole lot more exciting: Sometime in the near future, the app will also include integration with a brand-spanking-new Starbucks delivery service.  You heard me — Starbucks on demand, delivered right to your door, or office, or wherever else you happen to be. This can only mean one thing: Higher beings exist, and they like coffee just as much as we do.


According to AP via HuffPo, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced the delivery plans during a conference call on Thursday. The service will be available to those enrolled in the chain’s loyalty program; we won’t see it until the end of 2015, but when it does finally arrive, it’ll be rolled into the mobile app set to debut in Portland, OR next month.

So far, the selling points for the app have been the ability to order coffee before you arrive at the store and pay your phone, both of which are great options — but the delivery service? Man. That really takes the whole thing to the next level.

Now if you don’t live directly in the city, you won’t have to worry about driving 15 minutes away when the craving a specialty drink!



Should You Work For Free?

Is it always a bad idea to work for free?

Usually, the answer is no, but occasionally it could be yes. Jessica Hische’s handy flowchart should help you decide. It’s divided into four main types of jobs, and from there you snake around answering various pertinent questions—and hopefully reaching a satisfactory conclusion to your particular situation.

(Click to enlarge, and you read the chart by starting in the middle)





Chemical Rawness: A Digital Art Series

A series of beautiful digital illustrations designed by an artist named Antoni Tudisco, based in Hamburg, Germany.

I’ve collected a sample of his collection, Chemical Rawness, here! :)








You can view his other artworks here, or follow him on Instagram, Facebook,  and  Twitter!