10 Super Adorable USBs under $8

I can just imagine these little babies hanging off of my keys and making everyone jealous. These USBs will be super awesome and useful, I can’t wait to order a bunch of them!

Sushi USB($6.29 with free shipping)!

Tuzki Rabbit USB($4.49 with $1.00 shipping)!

Owl USB($2.99 with $0.99 shipping)!

A thumb drive...ahaha you see what I did there…aha..ahahaa…no.
($7.58 w/ free shipping)

Batmaaannn!! nannanana($3.67 w/ $1.99 shipping). Surprise! His head comes off!
batmann batmannnn

Minion USBs!!($2.99 with $0.99 shipping)

Hamburger USB($6.66 with free shipping)

You want some fries with that burger USB?($4.99 with free shipping)

Ice cream!!($6.58 with free shipping)

And my personal favorite, Rilakkuma USBs!($5.39 with free shipping)

I’m a huge sucker for these things. One cannot have too many USBs(or shoes, or cars, or clothes, as long as one can afford it). I will not rest until I collect all of these USBs!

Happy shopping/browsing/collecting/making your wallet cry!


Pop Culture In Obese Mode

A series of beautiful illustrations of fat superheroes and cult characters from pop culture, designed by an American illustrator named Alex Solis, based in Chicago.

I’ve collected a few of my favorites here. :)

Fat Hello Kitty

Fat Dr.Who

Fat Toad from Mario Smash Bros

Fat Flutter-shy from My Little Pony

Fat Kermit!

Fat Iron Man!!

Fat Robin

Fat R2-D2 and C3p0

Fat Lego Man

Fat Spidey

Fat Ariel

Fat Snow White

Fat Care Bear!

Fat Yoda

and lastly, fat Superman!!

You can view his other artworks here, and purchase his creations here, or follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter!



Starbucks Giveaway Offering Drinks For Life

Best holiday gift ever? Yes.


Starbucks is offering drinks for life to 10 customers.

Technically, the offer is not “for life” but for a free drink or food item every day for 30 years.

Customers become eligible for the giveaway by using a Starbucks Card or by paying through a mobile device.

The contest is a way for the company to promote its new order and pay ahead mobile program, which is scheduled to launch by the end of next year. Starbucks is offering the program early — before the end of this year — in Portland.

“This is the first time we ever offered customers something of this magnitude,” said Sharon Rothstein, Starbucks executive vice president, in a statement regarding the Starbucks for Life offer.

And what would this prize add up to? If you buy one coffee every day from Starbucks, that comes to $22,995.00 over 30 years! *gasp*


The offer starts Dec. 2 and runs until Christmas.


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Dropping Bricks Into California Toilets

If you’re going to drop an upper-decker, you might as well help fight a drought in the process.lol1lol2

“Drop A Brick” is a nonprofit Indiegogo project created by a partnership of several California businesses, including San Francisco agency BarrettSF, that encourages you to buy an eco-friendly rubber brick filled with hydro-gel that expands 200 times its size when water is added. Putting the brick in the top tank will displace half a gallon of water, saving about 50 gallons a week for a family of four.

If every Californian dropped a brick, the initiative says, it would save 67 million gallons of water a day.

The crowdfunding video is basically one big poop joke, but it’s surprisingly amusing and has been getting quite a bit of passaround. Still, organizers say they’d like to see more bricks being ordered to help alleviate California’s crippling drought as soon as possible.

So check out the video and explainer photos below, then go see about dropping a fat one in the tank. No need for a courtesy flush.

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Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas

So you want to impress your friends at the Halloween party they’re hosting and you don’t want make it look like you tried too hard with your costume, because that’s just un-suave.

You also don’t feel like breaking your wallet on some pre-packaged shit(you want to spend money on the good stuff that will last you many Halloweens after), and you’re too lazy for a DIY costume.

Most importantly, you don’t want to look stupid being the only idiot in the room half-assing a costume.

Don’t worry, I gotchuuuu.

Be a unicorn. You can get the complete outfit from Claires for just under $50.

Unicorn hat $18.

Any statement top($19-$23).

shirt1 shirt2 shirt3 shirt4

Paired with a rainbow tutu(or blue jeans if you’re a guy, $10-$16)
For extra flair, you can add complimentary unicorn leg warmers($8.50)with matching unicorn earrings($2-$6), and you’re gold!


You now have a reusable unicorn Halloween costume where each item can also be worn separately throughout the year! Win win.

If unicorns and rainbows aren’t your thing, you can go as Cup Noodles($60)! This costume will surely cause excessive drooling and will either make you the most hated or most loved person in the room.

If you’re mega lazy(like me)and wants to be super casual, cute, and simple, you can just spice up your wardrobe with some spooky accessories.

Make your eyes pop with these awesome $1.50 eyelashes from Daiso!

Or add some glow-in-the-dark earrings($6-$10 again from Claire’s)

earringsgoogly earringsearrings2

Throw on a really unique bloody looking bracelet($6-$8.50)
95652_1 bracelet
Or add a nice gothic style choker with matching earrings!

And complete the look with some cute headbands($8-$18)!
head1 head2

Now if that won’t do it for you, then you can always default to being a nerd.

glasses bow
A t-shirt with condescending nerd humor($19.00)paired with some funky suspenders($6-$8, bow tie optional)
t-1 t-2


Complete the look with a bad haircut, a loud opinion about your favorite show’s fandom, a black tutu($12-$14)or some skinny jeans and voila, instant nerd! Time to go out and terrorize everyone with your intelligence.

Geek eye glasses (16)

So, yea, that was actually my list of future lazy Halloween outfits.

Bring lots of candy and don’t show up to the party too early, you know the drill. Oh, and let me know what you’re dressing up as, because it would be embarrassing as hell if we both showed up as nerds.

*prices may vary according to where you decide to shop(duh)


Ikea’s New No-Tools furniture building

Ikea has made their furniture lighter, more ergonomic, easier to build with their new line, REGISSÖR, coming out soon to an Ikea near you!

The video demonstrates how you can build their furniture with your bare hands, and it requires no  screws or metal pieces.


Ikea will eventually include other pieces such as cabinets, bookshelves and coffee tables if REGISSÖR proves to be popular amongst customers.

If you’re a big fan of Ikea’s furniture, you want to check out Ikeafans website! People(Ikea fans obviously)band together to create ingenious and creative, customization of the furniture for their homes and children! Examples:

A child’s raincoat made from an Ikea shopping bag

A storage bed

And a space conscious computer desk.

I’m pretty amazed.


Great Tips for a Healthier(Winter)Body

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to post a similar article to my body shaping tips, which I wrote in spring, so here I give you my winter edition of how to eat right to keep yourself looking fit!
fit nicki

Winter is coming soon and you can already feel your body packing on the extra winter weight. You refuse half-ass it with your gym membership(which you will inevitably renew around new years along with everyone else who has “fitness goals”), and you refuse to buy new jeans, because jeans shopping is torture. So, I’ve put together a daily routine and series of reminders on how to keep yourself lean during the winter, because you know when spring rolls around again, looking great in a bikini will come down to those crucial 3-8 pounds.

First thing in the morning when you wake up

1) Drink 1 full bottle of water(16 oz. at the very least). It’s good for your skin(will probably lessen wrinkles and prevent acne), it will make you more alert, and the water will flush out the remaining toxins in your body from last night. Every night before you head to bed, you can stick a reusable bottle of water in the fridge for a grab-and-go.

2) Skip the coffee(if you can). Coffee with cream and sugar is extra calories your body will store away forever and they’ll be the hardest to get rid of. If you really can’t skip the coffee because you absolutely need it, order a short(about 8 oz). That way, you’re getting your caffeine fix, but not piling on the sugar. Plus, sugar dehydrates you more, so you’re really not doing your body any favors. You can try drinking caffeinated teas(like green tea)as a replacement option.

3) Eat a light breakfast.  I know there are so many contradictions out there about your first meal of the day; eat breakfast and lose weight, don’t eat it and gain weight, etc. Whether it’s true or false, no one knows because there haven’t been any conclusive studies about how breakfast eating can help or hurt you. So, what you should know and worry about is, your own body and how often you need to eat to keep yourself satisfied. If you’re the breakfast skipping type, more power to you. But if you’re like me and you get hungry every 2 hours, breakfast should look like a banana, a small bowl of slightly sweetened oatmeal(I like to use soy milk for a lighter creamier texture), a slice of whole wheat bread, and a drink of your choice(usually for me, it’s water). And then I’ll pack an apple, a mix of nuts(and maybe some leftover oatmeal)for light snacking to get me though the day.

In the middle of the day

1) Stand while you work. Standing in your work space helps combat sleepiness and unnecessary weight gain. And while you’re standing, do little stretches to help get your blood flowing to your brain, and at the same time combat stiffness! There was a woman who experimented with standing in the office for one whole year, and you can read about her positive experience here.

2) Don’t be afraid to indulge yourself! Cravings are a real thing, and if that chocolate muffin is dancing in front of you, go ahead and eat it. Just know your limits. If you’re craving sugar, try packing sugary fruits like strawberries and watermelon, that way you’ll get in some vitamin C! If you restrain yourself from eating foods you know are bad for you, you might end up over eating, because after that hard week of strict dieting, you will feel that you deserve it. And that’s where all the weight comes rushing back. So just calmly eat whatever it is you’re craving, and try not to eat too much of it.

3) Go for a 10 minute stroll. Yes, it may be cold outside, but once you come back, you’ll be ready to tackle that project you’ve been staring at since 9:30 this morning. Walk on flat ground to tone your thighs and you practically won’t even need that gym membership anymore since you’re constantly moving throughout the day. It will help you stay productive and keep those winter pounds off!


At night when you’re lounging around at home

1) Re-hydrate yourself. Drink a few cups of your favorite herbal tea, or just plain water. If you go to bed hydrated, you will wake up feeling more refreshed and you might even wake up before your alarm*gasp*! And then look in the mirror because water does wonders. Need more proof? This woman drank 3 liters of water a day, and her skin looks a-ma-zing.

2) Eat a light dinner.  Try not to eat red meats and white bread, because together they’ll form a rock, which will sit in your stomach for a very long time. Go for more greens and lean meats. If you like to finish your day off with wine, try drinking it every other day, or every 3 days. Or if you’re gutsy, switch it out with water or tea. It may be hard at first, but once your results start rolling in, I’m sure you’ll be elated!

3) Don’t eat anything after 8:30. It’ll go straight to your gut/butt/face/thighs you name it. Yes you do burn calories when you sleep, but not that much. One way you can combat late-night snacking is to either, A) not buy the snacks in the first place, or B) put the tempting snack in some high hard-to-reach place, so that you’ll be too lazy to get it. And then very soon, you may even forget about it! I have lost many a snack with this method, and, I’ve also been delightfully surprised with the “new snacks!!” I find after a new year’s cupboard sweep.


So let me know if these tips work out as well for you as they did for me!
I would love to hear from you, so any feedback, questions, or comments are always welcome!


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Star Girl Fashion:CocoPPa Play App Review ~*Super Adorable and Free!*~

I recently came across this very popular(free!!) Japanese fashion app that is surprisingly addicting, and I can’t wait to share it with you! The game is really simple and easy to grasp, and soon, I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself being sucked in by this app’s cuteness – no lie.

CocoPPa Play is an avatar app where you can dress-up and showcase your avatar as a model at the in-app fashion show. Other players can attend and “cheer” for you in all of your beauty on your personalized stage. You can visit other players’ fashion shows and return the favor by “cheering”(there will be more details about cheering later on). The creators of this app were very considerate and made options for male or female avatars, so be excited gentleman!

So, here’s a screen by screen walk-through of the app for maximum cuteness, and also because the various features in the game could bit overwhelming when you first start.

When you first download the app, you are greeted by this adorable start screen.

Tap to start, and check out that loading screen!

After it loads, you select your gender, and you get to choose your starting avatar.

Of course, the stage and your avatar will look a little plain given how you have no money(P-coins)to afford better clothes or decor, but that will all change once you go shopping(with your non-existent money)! Don’t worry, money will come because the tutorial avatar is generous.

So you can transform from a Plain Jane avatar into a super-shiny-in-your-face-bitch-I’m-rich-look-at-all-my-shit avatar.
You may have up to 3 avatars on your stage, and you can include your friend’s avatars to complete a theme or style you’re aiming for. Make rich friends. That way, your stage will prosper and your popularity rating will go up!

To obtain more money to make yourself look better, you travel between towns to shop and visit the other fashion shows(but mainly to shop)!
image[6]image[5]photo (1)

Each town has their own theme, so you can dress your avatar(s) to suit your personal taste.
My favorite so far is Pinky Town(I feel you silently judging me! I’m a sucker for anything pink).

You can unlock other towns on the map for fancier clothes and stage decor by “ranking up”.

You must rank up with ITEMS, which you get by “cheering”(tapping the blue button at bottom left)for other player’s fashion shows. You receive the items at random.

You also receive P-coins for visiting other stages and cheering other fashion shows. When other players view your avatar’s stage, you get P-coins as well. You can make friends and visit each other’s stages, which is the easiest way to guarantee rewards for both parties.

Then once you’ve stocked up on coins, you can go shopping to re-vamp your avatar!
P-coins are in-game freebies you can earn, whereas C-coins are meant to drain your wallet of real-life money.

The game(to make you feel horrible about not wanting to spend real-life money on your avatar)constantly shows you other player’s stages that looked like a unicorn barfed on it, and you are forced to hit “cheer” otherwise, how the hell are you going to get P-coins to make yourself beautiful?!

So. If you are very desperate to make yourself beautiful for very little(real-money)cost, you can go to your farm and sheer your sheep for wool.  Yes, you read that right. You will have to weave your own clothes out of wool like a plebeian, because you refuse to spend real dollars to clothe yourself.  But the sheep are really really cute, so I guess that’s a bonus?

Once you’ve shorn a decent amount of wool, you will finally have an acceptable outfit you can wear!
outfit sheep

The game also provides a ranking board so you can see just exactly how rich and well-dressed the other players’ avatars are compared to yours.

The game entices your wallet further by adding a gatcha(chance) machine, sorted by style and theme, where you pay C-coins for random rare items that would normally cost thousands of P-coins/C-coins in a Town Shop.
imageimage[1]image[2] image[3]image[4]image[5]

This app requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android

So, I’ve concluded that this game is a never ending circle of endless suffering.
I’ll always want my avatar to look prettier than the next and I won’t rest until all my sheep are shorn.
And since the creators tacked on such a positive tone to the competition by using the “cheer” button, I’ll always feel obligated to “cheer” on the heavily decorated, more experienced avatars, whom I hate for having wallets with no consciences.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some sheep to sheer.

12 Signs You’re An Asian Basic Bitch

1. Bubble tea is glued to your hand.
If it’s not bubble tea, then it’s Starbucks
1 Starbucks

2.Your entire wardrobe comes from Guess and Bebe(if you’re the splurging type), and Forever 21 and H&M(if you aren’t the splurging type).
And then you proceed to take a photo of yourself with your Iphone 6 and post it on instagram with the hashtag #ootd.

3. Chipotle is your comfort food.
And then right after stuffing your face, you run to the gym for a selfie, hashtag #fitness.


4. Your favorite anime are Shingeki no Kyojin, Sword Art Online, and Madoka.
You’ve even considered cosplaying as these character with some of your friends so that you could all be the “popular group” at a convention.
14 15

5. You wear circle lenses.
For that “cute, asian dolly-eyed” effect.

6.You  idolize bloggers such as Xia Xue, Qui Ting, or Yuktakis, and you look to Michelle Phan for creative makeup inspirations.
They hook you up with the best make-up discounts online and know exactly what shade of foundation you’ll be when winter rolls around.

7. K-pop & EDM make up your entire music library.
And maybe some anime openings.

8. You want your future and/or current boyfriend to look like a K-pop star.
You’ve given him fashion tips and sample photos to follow.

9.You want to look like a cute k-pop star to match your K-pop boyfriend.
You bookmark all your favorite fashionistas on Tumblr and Instagram for inspiration.

10.You’ve perfectly memorized all the lyrics and dance moves to your favorite K-pop music video.
You even perform them to your imaginary fans in the shower.

11. You are totally obsessed with anything San-X makes.
Examples: Hello kitty, Rilakkuma, and Tokidoki.
korilakkuma mozzarella

And lastly,

12. Pusheen the cat is your hero.
You’ve downloaded all the stickers from facebook, and you follow the artist on Tumblr and Pintrest.